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Looking for something fun & social to do? (great networking opportunities too)                The Mayo Clinic says this is one of the best exercises you can get for the mind and body!

Guelph’s Royal City Squares-a vibrant Square  Dance Club

The Royal City Square Dance Club is a modern square dance club, dancing to Broadway tunes as well as other popular songs; the dancers responding to the caller’s directions.

Learn to Square Dance-our first ever Christmas Open House!
Tuesday, December 11th, 8 – 9 pm Paisley Road School gym Everyone Welcome!
Modern Square Dancing is fun, great exercise and challenges the brain (Yes, it keeps you SHARP!)

Come on your own or bring friends. No dance experience, partner or special clothing needed. If you can walk you can dance…
Join Royal City Squares for a Seasonal Open House. Try out square dancing in a fun and friendly setting. In just an hour, you’ll have mastered simple calls and you’ll be dancing (and laughing)! Wear cool, comfortable clothing (this IS a workout) and please bring indoor shoes. Refreshments provided.

Check out this awesome article from our local paper.

Hip to be Square in Guelph

Get healthier. Laugh more. Meet new people. Since 1962, Guelph residents have had the opportunity to cash in on these benefits with Royal City Square Dance Club. In spite of a dramatic drop in the fitness level of the average Canadian, square dancers are staying fit.

Live Ten Years Longer!

Square dancing will add ten years to your life, a surprising new study shows. Dr. Aaron Blackburn states “It’s clear that square dancing is the perfect exercise. It combines all positive aspects of intense physical exercise with none of the negative elements.”

Dr Blackburn said that square dancing is a low-impact activity requiring constant movement and quick directional changes that help keep the body in shape. The study was based on their physical examination which indicated that both male and female square dancers could expect to live well into their eighties.

Square dance movements raise heart rates as aerobic exercises should. The quick changes of direction loosen and tone up muscles-but not so severely as to cause injury.

“You don’t see a lot of 55 year old basketball players, but that’s just the age when square dancers are hitting their peak”, he said.

excerpted from the United Square Dancers Association News, reprinted from Dancin’ News of Central Florida and The Caller of Memphis, Tennessee.

If you are a square dancer visiting Guelph, check out our What’s New page for any special events that might be happening, or any cancellations.

You can also like our facebook page

You can sign up for the Continuing Education course here.

The 4th Wednesday of every month is an all singing call night-check out the                   Levels and Dates page for the themes.

Join us – You will be glad you did!

dancing at formals night 3



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